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Shopping List -- with notes

Take a plastic shopping bag (or contact us for bags) and fill it with:


2 Pencils

   Please don't pokes a hole in the bag and things fall out!

2 Pens

1 70-Count Spiral Notebook

   College-ruled is best for older kids, and wide-ruled for kids

   PLEASE just send a 70-count.  I know the 5-subject notebooks are cool, but

      that's not what the schools asked for!

1 Coloring Book

    Yes, even for the older kids!

    You can't go wrong with the thick coloring books

1 24-Count Pack of Crayons

    Again, I know the 64-count packs are cool, but the the teachers prefer 

       everything to be uniform

1 Toothbrush

1 Tube of Toothpaste

   A big tube, not the sample sizes

1 Bar of Soap

   Again a large bar, not a hotel sample

1 Package of Candy

1 Package of Gum

   You can fill a snack-size or sandwich-size baggie with candy and gum.

   Please don't send turns into a big globby mess.  

   You can also send several pieces of bubble gum instead of one package of


1 Age-appropriate Toy

   Please keep in mind that this is probably the only toy these kids will receive.

   If you're sending cars for boys, please send two so they can crash them.

   Suggestions for older kids:  calculators,watches,  jewelry, baseball caps,

      frisbees, hackie sacks, etc

   Want to really help?  Take the items out of the packaging, add batteries, and

      put all the pieces in a baggie. That way the teahers don't have to deal

      with trash or trying to find a teeny tiny screwdriver!  

$3 For Shipping

   Please don't forget this one.  Your $3 helps fill a 40-foot container with the

      Christmas Bags, as well as food, medical items, shoes, clothing, and 

      other much-needed items.


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